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    "Be the hero of your story"

    Well before Local Athletix was thought up, we were two regular college students just getting by in our classes. There was something inside of us, a hunger, that began to fuel a fire. We realized that there is something more for us, that we had untapped potential and creativity waiting to be released. We began to act as if a documentary crew was following us around and that we were the subject, the heroes. We want our kids to look back on this documentary and say, "wow, my dad was a bad motherf***er”. This attitude gave us a chip on our shoulder and we got to work.
    We pride our business in knowing that everyone that wears our clothing wears it with pride. They have an attitude about them, a swagger. If you wear our brand, we expect that you will outwork everyone in your path and motivate others to work just as hard. So when you see others wearing Local Athletix, no words need to be said, because like you, they work their asses off to be better than before. Just like you, they’re building their documentary.
    Your documentary begins today. Are you ready to be the hero? JOIN THE #LOCALMOVEMENT