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    Lately we have been overwhelmed by hearing and witnessing people living their lives with passion, determination, and drive. These people are being the heroes of their own lives, and have inspired us to recognize people out there who are beating the odds and taking control of their lives. These people will be recognized through Be The Hero as we will be showcasing one person every week who exemplifies what it means to Be The Hero of their life. Each winner will receive a free t-shirt in addition to their story being shared on our social media accounts. 
    We've all heard that life is one big movie that flashes before our eyes before we even recognize it. It's time to realize that that this is your movie; a movie for you to control all aspects of. Starting now your "movie" shows you as someone who you might not be proud of, someone who isn't performing up to the standard that you would want to watch. However, since you're in charge of your own "movie", it's time to make a change. It's time to Be The Hero. 
    Begin by making every decision as if there was a camera monitoring every move you make. You're going to make mistakes, we all do. But what separates from you and the rest is if you choose to dwell on those mistakes or pick yourself and learn from them. You can get the wind knocked out on you and you might be down for a little bit, but all it takes is you standing back up to give life another shot. 
    The time is now to start doing: do life, do goals, do succeed, do learn, do what you you would want to do so the your kids one day would look back on it and say “wow, my dad/mom was a bad motherfucker”.

    Everyone's got a story to share; they might start out different and end different, but everyone can become their own success story. Everyone can Be The Hero. 
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